Your home is meant to be aesthetically pleasing as well as energy efficient. At Tri-Parish Door & Supply Co., we offer high-quality windows with attractive designs to provide you with the most energy-efficient lifestyle.

Our Brands

Our brands, such as Croft, Atrium, Jeldwen, and Magnolia Windows, are versatile in design and allow for a charm you won’t find elsewhere. Available in aluminum, vinyl, wood, and wood clad, we work with you to find the windows that best fit your home and style.

Operable windows

Our customizable operable windows include both double-hung and single-hung windows. Single-hung windows allow movement in only the bottom sash, providing less air infiltration and more security. However, our double-hung windows, allowing both sashes to move, provide advantages in terms of ventilation and the ease of care and maintenance

Fixed windows

Our fixed windows are available in numerous grid patterns. Unable to open, fixed windows provide high energy efficiency and security. Unlike operable windows, fixed windows are sealed around the frame, eliminating ventilation altogether. Therefore, fixed windows pair well with Low E glass, which prohibits most heat from passing through.  

Modern Windows

If you’re looking for a modern window that provides both privacy and appeal, our obscure or rain glass will best suit your needs. Obscure glass has various patterns embedded into its surface. Rain glass gives the look of raindrops sliding down the glass. Both glass types are often used in decorative bath windows to allow natural light to come through while still granting you privacy.

making the choice

Choosing the right window for your home doesn’t have to be a struggle. Whether you’re looking for new construction or replacement windows, the various styles and designs we offer will create an energy-efficient match for your home while delivering an aesthetic you can’t beat.

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